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Listen, it's been a crazy couple of years, and I must admit, I need to decompress my experiences as well as my mind. Where to start? Will it's be a long blog more like a novel but I'll start with the now!

You cannot get through life thinking that if you just get this, that, or if that were to happen, to be settled. I am learning that everything you go through is a journey to the struggle, next hardship, next blessing. It's all relative, you cannot put all your ducks in the row and think that once it's done, it's smooth sailing.

I am currently looking at the craziest situation, I was let go of my job unexpectedly, no reason except we didn't mesh well together.. Huh? Make it make sense, is the work getting done? Yes! I'm I making deadlines? Yes! Where I come far, that's all that matters, right? Wrong? People can create problems where their aren't any. I took back my confidence and realized that you won't be liked everywhere you go, and that's ok. Basically, I am not supposed to, my life has purpose, Long story short, go where you're wanted. Period.

I am enough, is what I must say to myself everyday. And after I gave it some thought, my prayers where answered and I am just realizing it! I wanted to work on my business full time, put the energy and creativity into my own, not someone else's and now I have that opportunity. I am finally completely open to trusting whatever God has in stored for me and this business. So, if you ever doubt your purpose, look to the skies and trust where God is taking you!

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