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Owner & Founder
Tonya Buford

Washington DC native Tonya Buford is a strong charismatic leader and communicator and has used her communication skills to develop a network of diversified contacts.  Her passion is improving the lives of others and their communities.  After the frustration with finding 'quality suitors' on popular dating apps, Tonya had an idea to infused her event planning skills, and years of personal experiences being single, and founded Singles Pop Up in 2019.

Singles Pop Up mission is helping singles walk in their purpose and remain positive until they meet their ideal mate through coaching, and hosting face-to-face event experiences to create intentional connections.  Singles Pop Up helps to provide the tools necessary to be the energy you want to attract, and her company motto is "You Are Enough."

Near the end of 2020, Tonya was encouraged by her friends and family to also help couples.  So, she launched Couples Pop Up, to help couples maintain the spark in their relationship.


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