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Singles Pop Up mission is helping singles walk in their purpose and remain positive until they meet their ideal mate. We provide the tools necessary to be the energy you want to attract. The ways we do that is by offering individual coaching to improve your success in dating and relationships. And we seek out ambient locations to host face-to-face event experiences that build intentional connections. 

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Eliminating Dating Apps

Before deciding which dating site to sign up for, consider your desired outcome. Whether you’re looking to meet interesting people, We create a Safe Space, Eliminate Hassles & Uncertainty, provide unmatched Settings & Ambiance, all while creating a New Adventures.


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Enjoy our events and exciting social functions. Please click on our Event Gallery Tab to see how much fun everyone has at our events! 

Become a Pop Up Partner

Singles Pop Up was created to host face-to-face event experiences for Singles in the Tampa Bay Area – eliminating dating apps. We are able to do that by partnering with businesses that are willing to host or provide special discounts to our Pop Up Members.

We understand that we are experiencing unprecedented territory with COVID, but we feel that there is a need for social interaction, especially with single people. We are currently working to establish a membership of singles to “Do Life” together, so not only are we proving a safe environment to be social, but we are striving to establish a community.



Upgrade your dating experience?

Meetup for Companions Who Share Interests. Discover! Safe, Secure Dating for Mature Singles. Build Connections.

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